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The Atlanta Fed

New Video Explains Fed’s History, Responsibilities

Photo of Federal Reserve Board buildingThe Federal Reserve and You, a new educational video from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, explains key concepts about the Federal Reserve and its role in the economy. The video uses easy-to-understand terms and examples, informative graphics, and more. The video’s eight chapters detail the Fed’s history and structure and include primers on money and banking, monetary policy, the payments system, and bank supervision and regulation. One chapter addresses important questions about the economy. Each chapter is broken into several segments, making it easy for viewers to watch at their own pace.

The final chapter includes segments featuring leaders from around the Federal Reserve System discussing central bank policies and actions. In one segment, for example, Atlanta Fed First Vice President Marie Gooding talks about the Fed’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Another segment illustrates a typical day at the New York Fed’s trading desk, and another explains the importance of Federal Reserve independence.

You can stream the entire video from the Philadelphia Fed’s website, or you can request a free copy of the DVD.


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