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Story of Money

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The break with England allowed for a fresh start on American coinage. Many new coins issued both by states and private producers appeared before the turn of the century.
This Nova Constellatio cent was probably struck in England An ad on a coin
The Washington grate cent and the Liberty & Security halfpenny The word “cent” appeared first on this Massachusetts coin

Washington grate cent

Liberty & Security halfpenny
The Fugio cent of 1787 was the first coin authorized by Congress The Fugio cent was based on the design of this coin
These coins are from the first U.S. Mint

Copper cent

Copper half-cent

Silver disme

Silver half disme

Silver dollar

Silver half-dollar

Silver quarter-dollar

Gold eagle, $10

Gold half eagle, $5

Gold quarter eagle, $2.50
This coin may have been Washington’s fork

“Washington silver” half disme