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Story of Money

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The Fed was founded in response to recurring banking problems, but the Fed’s mission has now expanded into fostering a healthy economy. By focusing on price stability, the Fed can create an environment in which the economy can grow at a sustainable rate.
Inflation is the worst enemy of a stable economy

100 quintillion pengö, Hungary, 1946

10 million pengö, Hungary, 1945

2,000 yuan, China, 1942

One million yuan, China, 1949

1,000 won, Korea

50,000 marks, Poland, 1922

100,000 rubles, Russia, 1921

100,000 drachmas, Greece, 1944

Five million drachmas, Greece, 1944

One shilling, Austria, 1924

Three million marks, Germany, October 11, 1922

1,000 rubles, Russia, 1919

10,000 kronen, Austria, November 2, 1918

Five groszy, Poland, 1924