Americas Center

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Americas Center

The Americas Center intends to understand, cooperate and coordinate with, and respond effectively to changes in Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish financial institutions and markets. Our mission involves better supervising constituencies, strengthening the Federal Reserve System's and Sixth Federal Reserve District's voice and influence in hemispheric policymaking, and adding value to evolving regional payment processing.

The Americas Center will help the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta achieve several of its key initiatives, including

  • developing knowledge centers that position the bank to contribute significantly to key Federal Reserve System objectives,
  • increasing the bank's contribution to supervisory policy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and
  • influencing the evolution of retail payments toward a more electronic environment.


Image for Americas Center Annual Review: 2013

Americas Center Annual Review: 2013

Learn about the Americas Center's most significant projects, products, programs, and initiatives in its 2013 Annual Review.

Image for Workshop on International Economics - December 6-7, 2013

Workshop on International Economics - December 6-7, 2013

Economists meet in Atlanta to discuss new research in international economics related to exchange rates, trade, and capital flows.



Monthly reports on business surveys, data, and analysis track Southeastern economic developments

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Retail Payments Risk Forum

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