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Banks Report Stronger Demand, Easier Credit Standards

Banks reported easing lending criteria for a range of consumer and business loans, according to the Federal Reserve's July survey of senior loan officers. The survey also found a broad–based pickup in demand for loans. Banks generally cited more aggressive competition as a primary reason behind loosening their standards and terms on loans to businesses.


Postrecession Path Remains Unclear: Fed Vice Chairman Fischer

While the Great Recession has been over for more than five years in the United States, its consequences continue to reverberate around the world, Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said during a recent speech, noting that monetary policymakers face unique challenges in the postrecession economy.

Crooks Target Business Clients

Fraudsters are always looking to steal a buck. Sometimes they e-mail businesses authentic-looking invoices, hoping the businesses will send money to an account valid only to the criminal. Portals and Rails offers tips to help businesses avoid being duped.

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Flexible Interactive Training (FIT)

Interactive tutorials guide your bank's staff in preparing financial reports for submission to the Fed.

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Paying for It

Learn about the Fed's role in the U.S. payment system and how checks, electronic payments, and currency are processed.

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