Center for Human Capital Studies

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Center for Human Capital Studies

As part of the U.S. central bank—which has a dual mandate to promote price stability and maximum employment—the Atlanta Fed has a natural interest in deepening its understanding of labor force dynamics and workforce development issues. The Center for Human Capital Studies supports those efforts through its research, as well as by offering such resources as conferences, seminars, and labor market tracking tools.

The center’s advisory council, comprised of education and industry leaders, provides valuable insight and advice on matters related to the labor force and workforce development.


Image for Jobs Calculator Updated with State Data

Jobs Calculator Updated with State Data

How many jobs does it take in your state? Check out our state-level Jobs Calculator to learn how August data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics affect the outlook for unemployment in each state.

Image for Annual Report Asks: Where Are the Jobs?

Annual Report Asks: Where Are the Jobs?

The Atlanta Fed's annual report, now available online, tells a vivid story of the 2013 labor market. Readers can interact with a variety of dynamic elements—including short, informative videos and interactive charts—to learn all about the labor market.


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