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Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools

Classroom EconomistClassroom Economist
Features video and PowerPoint content designed to clarify and enhance teacher understanding of core economic and Federal Reserve topics. This content provides lesson demonstrations and resource ideas to help teachers bring the economic topics to life in the classroom.


Econ Lowdownecon lowdown
An award-winning collection of new and improved resources on the St. Louis Fed website that will help bring economics lessons to life for your students with interactive activities, online courses, podcasts, and more. Watch as new online courses are added. offsite icon


Extra CreditExtra Credit
An online newsletter designed to help teachers looking for timely information on economic and personal finance topics, lesson plans, and ideas for use in the classroom. Posting articles six times a year, each issue also includes a calendar of upcoming teacher workshops or other events offered by the Fed or its education partners. An index of articles by topic is available.


The Fed ExplainedThe Fed Explained
Offers in one convenient location a range of content that explains the role of the Federal Reserve System and helps a general audience understand the fundamentals of the economy.


Jobs CalculatorJobs Calculator
The Jobs Calculator calculates the net employment change needed to achieve a target unemployment rate after a specified number of months.


Katrina's ClassroomKatrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane
A free, DVD-based curriculum developed to teach middle and high school students and their parents the importance of being financially prepared, especially in times of crisis.


Lessons and ActivitiesLessons & Activities
A page that offers prize-winning lesson plans and practical activities designed to teach concepts of economics and personal finance to middle and high school students. The site includes links to related articles, educational standards, and data sources.


Monetary Policy: Part Art, Part ScienceMonetary Policy: Part Art, Part Science
A free video-based series that describes how interest rates are determined. This series is part of the broader Monetary Policy curriculum, which illustrates how economic forecasting contributes to the Federal Open Market Committee's formulation of national monetary policy.


Page One EconomicsPage One Economics
An economic newsletter from the St. Louis Fed.