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Classroom Economist: Introduction Transcript

Gary Tapp
Director of Economic Education
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Welcome to The Classroom Economist. I'm Gary Tapp, Director of Economic Education for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The Sixth Federal Reserve District Economic Education team is pleased to introduce a new online resource for teachers to use both for professional development and with their students. This series offers a variety of on-line tools to help you understand and teach key economic concepts for high school and middle school students.

The Classroom Economist features video and Power Point content to enhance teacher understanding of core economic, Federal Reserve, and personal financial topics. It also provides lesson demonstrations, a "test your knowledge" segment, and resource ideas to help teachers bring the topic to life in the classroom.

The first module in our Classroom Economist series is "What Is Inflation?" It includes five components.

First, An Economist's View—Mike Bryan, Vice President and Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, discusses key concepts regarding inflation in a video segment that can be shown in short clips.

Second, A Master Teacher Lesson —Watch a master teacher give a live classroom demonstration of an inflation lesson and hear him describe how he uses the activity to introduce the concept.

Third, A Power Point Lesson—An accompanying Power Point slide show reinforces key understanding on the topic.

Fourth, Test Your Knowledge—You can use this Power Point Quiz to test comprehension.

And finally, a Resources Guide—This segment provides step-by-step directions for the lesson demonstrated and presents links to additional resources to expand your tool kit for teaching about inflation.

Additional topics, based on the Atlanta Fed's Economic and Personal Finance workshops, will be released quarterly. Please revisit our Education page at for further updates.