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The Economy

The Economy

Economic and Financial HighlightsEconomic & Financial Highlights
A weekly digest of economic and financial statistics providing charts and brief descriptions of data releases. It focuses on different data series from week to week and is in PDF icon format.


A quarterly economic and business magazine featuring articles on regional, national, and international issues pertinent to the Southeast. Podcasts featuring interviews with subject matter experts accompany each issue.


An economic data engine on the St. Louis website.


A geographical economic data mapping engine on the St. Louis Fed website.


Jobs CalculatorJobs Calculator
Determines the net employment change needed to achieve a target unemployment rate after a specified number of months. The user can adjust the target unemployment rate, the number of months, and the assumed labor force growth.


Provides commentary on economic topics including monetary policy, macroeconomic developments, financial issues and Southeast regional trends. Authors for macroblog are Dave Altig and other Atlanta Fed economists.


REINRegional Economic Information Network (REIN)
Economic intelligence from a variety of sources in the Southeast supporting the Federal Reserve's formulation and implementation of sound monetary policy. REIN also enhances the Atlanta Fed's public service mission through region-wide outreach and communication.


The Fed ExplainedPage One Economics
An economic newsletter from the St. Louis Fed.