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Community Development

Foreclosure Prevention: Hope for Georgia's Homeowners

In today's climate of rising foreclosures and low consumer awareness about the foreclosure process, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and several contributing partners developed Foreclosure Prevention: Hope for Georgia's Homeowners, a DVD that sheds light on Georgia's judicial process concerning foreclosures.

The DVD identifies asset preservation options for homeowners, provides an overview of the HOPE foreclosure prevention campaign, and includes testimonials from consumers who faced foreclosure and offer advice for others in similar situations.

This DVD serves as a resource to intermediaries in educating the public about the foreclosure process and encourages dialogue on intervention strategies.

Part 1

Part 1 (MP4 0:51)
Part 2 (MP4 4:52)
Part 3 (MP4 4:14)
Part 4 (MP4 6:11)
Part 5 (MP4 1:05)