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Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane

Meet Nick, Jacquelyn, and Jamie. Through these teenagers' stories, middle and high school students and their families will learn the importance of being financially prepared.

Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane is a four-chapter, DVD-based curriculum that teaches students about financial responsibilities such as budgeting, banking, savings, and wise use of credit. The curriculum includes lesson plans and student activities tied to each five-minute video segment.

Teacher training
Developed by professional curriculum writers, each lesson plan expands and reinforces concepts aligned to national content standards in personal finance. To learn more about using Katrina's Classroom in your class, attend a workshop conducted by a Federal Reserve branch near you.

Downloading or ordering the curriculum
Using the links below, you can download the Katrina's Classroom DVD chapters, the English and Spanish transcripts, and the complete lesson plans.

To order a free Katrina's Classroom DVD/CD set, use the order form below.

A Fresh Start

Katrina Strikes (MP4 4:00) [Download]
In the Aftermath (MP4 6:32) [Download]
A Fresh Start (MP4 7:02) [Download]
Back to School (MP4 6:05) [Download]

DVD Transcripts

English PDF icon
English/Spanish PDF icon

Lesson Plans (Updated July 2013 with revised content for lesson 2)

Complete lesson plan (2.8 MB) PDF icon
Lesson 1 (253 KB) PDF icon
Lesson 2 (869 KB) PDF icon
Lesson 3 (715 KB) PDF icon
Lesson 4 (657 KB) PDF icon
Exhibits (1 MB) PDF icon
National standards matrix (155 KB) PDF icon

Order Form
Request one free DVD/CD set of Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane. Materials may take up to two weeks for delivery.