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Research Notes–February 2007

Featuring research published in January 2007


Housing, Energy Loom Large in ’07
EconSouth Q4 2006
As they did in 2006, energy and housing markets will be among the dominant factors shaping the U.S. economy in 2007.

When Things Don’t Add Up
EconSouth Q4 2006
Various employment data series have painted differing pictures of employment growth in recent years. Determining which data are most accurate is important in mapping employment to overall economic performance and calculating productivity.

Dollar Continues to Depreciate in December
The average monthly value for the trade-weighted dollar index of 15 major currencies tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta was down 0.5 percent in December from the previous month.

Regional Economics

Southeastern Economy to Grow Modestly in 2007
EconSouth Q4 2006
A cooling housing market—especially in Florida—could moderate economic growth in the region in the coming year, but tourism growth, increased energy exploration, and ongoing reconstruction should prove bright spots.

Carpeting on a Roll in Georgia
EconSouthQ4 2006
North Georgia’s resilient carpetmaking industry has used technology, consolidation, and low labor intensiveness to avoid the squeeze that foreign competition has put on many U.S. manufacturing industries.

“The Local Communities Have to Control Their Own Destinies”: An Interview with Donald E. Powell, Federal Coordinator of the Gulf Coast Recovery and Rebuilding Council
EconSouthQ4 2006
Donald E. Powell has served for the past year as the federal coordinator of Gulf Coast rebuilding, where he is tasked with helping develop a long-term rebuilding plan for the region in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

International Economics

Global Outlook Generally Bright in ’07
EconSouthQ4 2006
Economic expansion among industrialized countries, strong growth in developing ones, and solid global trade patterns point to the ongoing growth of economies around the world.