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Press Releases

Research Notes–June 2007

Featuring research published in May 2007


Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions (podcast)
May 22, 2007
A discussion recorded after a conference on fiscal and monetary policy interactions hosted by the Atlanta Fed.

Information Criteria for Impulse Response Function Matching Estimation of DSGE Models
Working Paper 2007-10
The paper proposes an information criterion that selects the relevant impulse responses to use when estimating a macroeconomic model. The information criterion yields superior performance in small samples.

Dollar Depreciates in April
The average monthly value for the trade-weighted dollar index of 15 major currencies tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta declined 1.3 percent in April from the previous month.


Multiple Safety Net Regulators and Agency Problems in the European Union: Is Prompt Corrective Action Partly the Solution?
Working Paper 2007-9
The issue of banks with cross-border operations is of growing importance around the world. This paper discusses changes needed for the European Union to effectively supervise cross-border groups using prompt corrective action.

Regional Economics

Southeastern Economic Perspectives (podcast)
May 31, 2007
A discussion on housing and consumer spending in the Southeast.