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Press Releases

Research Notes–November 2007

Featuring research published in October 2007


Asymmetric Expectation Effects of Regime Shifts and the Great Moderation
Working Paper 2007-23
Expectation effects of regime changes are quantitatively important and asymmetric when monetary policy switches between a hawkish regime and a dovish one. Thus, these effects need be taken into account in dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling.

Dollar Depreciated in September
The average monthly value for the trade-weighted dollar index of 15 major currencies tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta decreased by 1.5 percent in September from the previous month.


A Discrete Choice Model of Dividend Reinvestment Plans: Classification and Prediction
Working Paper 2007-22
The authors construct a model to predict whether firms will add or drop dividend reinvestment plans and determine the factors driving this decision. They provide managerial and investment implications of their research.


Analyzing the Southeast’s Economy (MP3 6:50)
Southeastern Economic Perspectives
An interview with Michael Chriszt, director of international and regional analysis at the Atlanta Fed, about how Atlanta Fed economists gather and analyze information to arrive at a picture of the regional economy.