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Press Releases

Research Notes–October 2005

Featuring research published in September 2005


Buy Foreign While You Can: The Cheap Dollar and Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Economic Review Q3 2005
During recent decades, exchange rate depreciations have had little effect on U.S. domestic import prices. But the authors argue that, for certain goods categories, the latest dollar depreciation may be beginning to increase import prices.

Dollar Depreciated in August
In August the average monthly value for the trade-weighted dollar index of 15 major currencies tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta fell 1.2 percent.

Regional Economics

Freshman Learning Communities, College Performance, and Retention
Working Paper 2005-22
The authors assess the impact of participation in Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs) on academic performance and retention. They find that FLC participation does not affect all race and gender groups equally.

International Economics

Trade, Gravity, and Sudden Stops: On How Commercial Trade Can Increase the Stability of Capital Flows
Working Paper 2005-23
The author finds that countries that trade less with other nations are vulnerable to reversals in capital inflows and concludes that trade protection does not shield countries’ capital accounts from external shocks.