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Press Releases


Featuring research published in July 2010

Financial Economics

Further Results on the Limiting Distribution of GMM Sample Moment Conditions
Working Paper 2010-11
Extending Hansen (1982), the authors provide new results on the limiting behavior of linear combinations of generalized method of moments (GMM) sample conditions and demonstrate the statistical properties of the proposed asymptotic approximation using simulation.

Regional Economics

Gulf Oil Spill Updates
Regional Economic Information Network
The humanitarian and environmental costs of disasters like the Gulf oil spill far exceed any effects such disasters might have on the gross domestic product. However, the spill is having some impact on the region's economy and these weekly updates from a variety of publicly available resources provide an overview.


Revitalizing Urban Industrial Sectors: A Roadmap for Diversifying the Economic Base (MP3 13:18)
Economic Development
Using Atlanta as an example, Dr. Nancey Green Leigh, professor of city and regional planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses a roadmap for protecting and energizing an industrial sector as a viable source of job growth and economic investment.

Fraud and Risk in the ACH Network (MP3 15:07 )
Payments Spotlight
Jane Larimer, executive vice president of ACH network administration and general counsel for NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, discusses fraud and risk in the ACH network.