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Press Releases

December 2009

Featuring research published in November 2009


Economic Recovery, Small Business, and the Challenge of Commercial Real Estate
November 10, 2009
Dennis P. Lockhart, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, comments on commercial real estate's likely impact on economic recovery at the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Conference in Atlanta, Ga.


Short Selling: Costs and Benefits
Notes from the Vault
The Center for Financial Innovation and Stability (CenFIS) held a conference on the topic of short selling. This article discusses the topics presented and the general discussion of the conference participants.


State Revenues in the Southeast (MP3 4:46)
Southeastern Economic Perspectives
Michael Chriszt, an assistant vice president responsible for the Regional Economic Information Network, and Shalini Patel, a senior analyst who specializes in the Sixth District economic activity, provide insight into how the recession has affected state revenue.

Mitigating Automated Clearinghouse Fraud and Risk (MP3 7:58)
Payments Spotlight
Mary Gilmeister, president of the Wisconsin ACH Association, or WACHA, speakis about ACH fraud and risk.

Lessons from Community Stabilization Partnerships (MP3 15:17)
Foreclosure Response
Craig Nickerson of the National Community Stabilization Trust discusses what the trust has learned from partnering with many Neighborhood Stabilization Program grantees as they work to restore communities hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.

Foreclosures and Fair Property Tax Valuation (MP3 10:19)
Foreclosure Response
Susan Adams, director of research, policy, and information at Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership Inc., talks about how foreclosures and tax assessment practices can have an inequitable impact on households.