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Press Releases

January 2010

Featuring research published in December 2009


Changes in the Aggregate Labor Force Participation Rate
Economic Review Q4 2009
This paper presents a simple methodology for decomposing changes in the aggregate labor force participation rate (LFPR) into demographic group changes in both participation behavior and population shares. Changes in population shares dominated behavioral changes in the historical evolution of the aggregate LFPR.

U.S. Economy Opens a Door Toward Recovery
EconSouth Q4 2009
The economy spent much of 2009 in the grip of recession, but signs of a turnaround began to emerge during the year. Significant challenges remain on the road to a full economic recovery.


The Financial Sector Seeks Stability
EconSouth Q4 2009
Breaking the grip of the financial crisis required intense intervention by the U.S. government and regulatory agencies. Policymakers now seek to maintain the progress they have made and return normalcy to credit markets.

Regulating Systemic Risk
Notes from the Vault
In this article, Gerald Dwyer discusses the October 2009 "Regulating Systemic Risk" conference and some of the topics discussed during the conference.

Regional Economics

The Southeast in 2010: Region Hopes for Turnaround
EconSouth Q4 2009
Like other parts of the United States, the Southeast was hit hard by the recession. Significant sectors of the economy, such as construction and employment, declined, and state and local governments saw their revenues pinched by dropoffs in tax revenues. But signs of recovery have begun to emerge and position the region for a brighter 2010.

International Economics

Global Outlook Takes a Turn Toward Improvement
EconSouth Q4 2009
Economies the world over have endured a difficult period, but many show signs of emerging from their slumps. Developing economies appear to be on the leading edge of recovery while developed economies are rebounding more slowly.


Holiday Sales (MP3 4:08)
Southeastern Economic Perspectives
Laurel Graefe and Courtney Nosal of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss consumer spending this holiday season.

Surveying the U.S. Economy (MP3 14:37)
EconSouth Now
Mike Bryan, vice president and senior economist in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discusses developments in the U.S. economy in 2009 and what they might mean in 2010 as the nation emerges from recession.

International Capital Flows (MP3 5:59)
Financial Update Focus
Galina Alexeenko of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's research department discusses trends in international capital flows in the wake of the recent financial crisis.

Foreclosures and the Appraisal Industry (MP3 11:11)
Foreclosure Response
K.C. Conway, subject matter expert with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, talks about how the foreclosure crisis has affected the appraisal industry and strategies for responding to rapidly changing housing markets.

Piloting Neighborhood Stabilization Strategies (MP3 14:54)
Foreclosure Response
John O'Callaghan, president and CEO of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP) Inc., talks about ANDP's pilot program to test neighborhood stabilization strategies and how lessons from this program informed their Neighborhood Stabilization Program activities.

Intermediary Lending Products for Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grantees (MP3 5:42)
Foreclosure Response
Tyler Van Gundy of the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) describes the intermediary lending products NCST has developed to support various Neighborhood Stabilization Program strategies.