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Press Releases

November 2009

Featuring research published in October 2009


Early Childhood Education, Economic Development, and the Business Community
October 22, 2009
Dennis P. Lockhart, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, comments on the connection between the interests and capabilities of a metro area business community and investment in pre-K early childhood education as a foundational element of economic development at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla.


Price Distributions and Competition
Working Paper 2009-27
Investigating why price dispersion exists among seemingly homogenous goods, the authors examine the effects on pricing of a large firm with multiple outlets and numerous small firms with one outlet each.

Job Search with Bidder Memories
Working Paper 2009-28
Workers who have memories of previous encounters with potential employers enjoy a competitive advantage over workers with no such recall, the authors find. Firms account for this advantage and adjust their hiring offers accordingly.

Managing Expectations and Fiscal Policy
Working Paper 2009-29
Analyzing the implications of model uncertainty premia for optimal policy design, the authors identify a motive for expectation management that is absent within rational expectations, reflecting the plannerâ??s desire to manipulate the equilibrium price of government debt.


State Revenues in the Southeast (MP3 4:46)
Southeastern Economic Perspectives
Michael Chriszt and Shalini Patel of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss the effects of the recession on state revenues.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (MP3 14:40)
Foreclosure Response
Karen Leone de Nie, research manager of Community Development at the Atlanta Fed, discusses how local governments in the Southeast are using the federal government's Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which has allocated nearly $6 billion to help struggling neighborhoods, to stabilize and recover communities that have been hit hard by foreclosures.

Sustainable Planning to Recover from the Mortgage Crisis (MP3 15:40)
Foreclosure Response
Dan Immergluck, an associate professor of city and regional planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses the likely implications of the future of housing markets as a result of the changes in the financial market over the past few years.

The Economics of Traffic Congestion (MP3 8:13)
Research Insights
Ken Small, a professor at the University of California at Irvine, discusses traffic congestion, its toll on the economy, and strategies for mitigating congestion.