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Featuring research published in September 2010


The Effect of Social Entitlement Programs on Private Transfers: New Evidence of Crowding Out
Working Paper 2010-15
Studying the introduction of a Taiwanese social security program, the authors find that the probability of an adult child providing monetary transfers to his or her parents decreases substantially if the parents receive public assistance.

Entry Cost, Financial Friction, and Cross-Country Differences in Income and TFP
Working Paper 2010-16
Using a model calibrated to establishment-level statistics in the United States, the author finds that financial friction amplifies the effects of entry cost on cross-country differences in income and total factor productivity (TFP).

Regional Economics

Oil Spill Seeps Into Many Coastal Concerns
EconSouth, Q3 2010
The Gulf of Mexico oil spill dealt a heavy blow to the coastal region's economy and environment. This article gives an overview of the spill's effects on major sectors of the Gulf Coast economy, including energy production, transportation, tourism, and fishing.

Alabama's Gulf Coast Cleans Up
EconSouth, Q3 2010
The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has caused ecological and economic damage to coastal areas such as Alabama's south Baldwin County. This article offers a firsthand account of the oil spill's economic, ecological, and psychological effects on the community.

King Cotton Still Part of Southeast's Fabric
EconSouth, Q3 2010
This article examines the long-term challenges facing the southern staple, as well as the steps the industry has taken to grow cotton more efficiently and increase its market share.

Full Steam Ahead: Southeast Ports Prepare for Panama Canal Expansion
EconSouth, Q3 2010
Ports have helped power the southeastern economy and thrust the region into a prominent role in world trade. But the imminent expansion of the Panama Canal has the region's ports poised to capture an even larger piece of the global pie.


Financial Literacy and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (MP3 7:55)
EconSouth Now
Kris Gerardi, an economist in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discusses the connection between financial literacy and the likelihood of buying a house using a subprime mortgage

Three in One: Growing Jobs, Developing a Workforce, and Stabilizing Neighborhoods (MP3 13:32)
Economic Development
Tony Cipollone, vice president for Civic Sites and Initiatives of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, discusses how neighborhood-based economic and community development projects are working to create more vital and vibrant neighborhoods.

Education Wage Gap (MP3 9:04)
Research Insights
Although several factors may be at play in the growing wage gap between more- and less-educated workers, recent research shows that the rapid growth of computers has been most influential in increasing the value of more highly educated workers. This podcast discusses the phenomenon referred to as skill-biased technological change.

Getting to Work: Community and Vocational Colleges Explore New Paradigms for Workforce Development (MP3 14:26)
Economic Development
Dr. Rolando Montoya, provost at Miami Dade College, the nation's largest nonprofit institution of higher learning, discusses how a community college can nimbly adjust its curriculum to respond to the fast-changing workforce needs of local businesses and strengthen local economic development.

Gauging the Economy and Monetary Policy (MP3 20:59)
Atlanta Fed President and CEO Dennis Lockhart delivers a speech about the economy and monetary policy on Sept. 3, 2010.