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EconSouth Now

EconSouth Now podcast interviews and commentaries are an enhancement to EconSouth, a quarterly magazine focusing on regional economic issues and including coverage of national and international topics

Podcasts are free to use but are subject to our legal notices.

Consumer Adoption of Bitcoin: Prospects and Barriers
August 2014
Bitcoin receives a lot of attention in the press, but how large is its role in the payments industry really? In this podcast, part of the EconSouthNow podcast series, a payments risk explores this role, present and future.
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The Federal Reserve's Payments System Study
March 2014
The Federal Reserve recently released the results of its triennial examination of the payments system study, which examines changes in the way businesses and consumers pay for goods and services. In a podcast, an economist from the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors discusses the study.
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The Southeastern Economy in 2013
December 2013
The region's economy had its share of ups and downs in the preceding year. In this podcast, Mike Chriszt, a vice president in the Atlanta Fed's public affairs department, discusses the southeastern economy in 2013 and what the coming year might hold.
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Solving the Revitalization Puzzle? Putting the Pieces Together
September 2013
Some economic development efforts have expanded beyond traditional strategies to address a more comprehensive set of issues, including neighborhood revitalization. In this podcast, Shirley Franklin, CEO of Purpose Built Communities and former Atlanta mayor, discusses an approach that encompasses many stakeholders and yields beneficial community results.
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The Role of Federal Reserve Surveys
June 2013
The Federal Reserve conducts an array of surveys designed to take the pulse of various aspects of the economy and help inform monetary policy making, and a podcast discusses one of them: the Business Inflation Expectations survey.
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The Mexican Manufacturing Renaissance
March 2013
Ed Skelton, a business economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, discusses the growth of the manufacturing sector in Mexico, factors behind its expansion, and what its resurgence implies for the global economy.
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Surveying the Economy in 2012
December 2012
Chris Cunningham of the Atlanta Fed's research department looks at the national and regional economy, discussing areas were strongest and which ones have yet to find their legs in the sluggish recovery.
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Moving Secured Transaction Reform Ahead
September 2012
Charles Shapiro of the Institute of the Americas and Boris Kozolchyk of the University of Arizona and the National Law Center discuss secured transaction reform, a movement in some countries intended to modernize how small and medium-sized businesses get loans from banks.
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La Reforma del Sistema de Garantías Mobiliarias
September 2012
Charles Shapiro, del Instituto de las Américas y Boris Kozolchyk de la Universidad de Arizona y el Centro Nacional de Derecho, discutirán la Reforma del Sistema de Garantías Mobiliarias, una tendencia que se observa en algunos países y que tiene como objetivo modernizar la forma en que las pequeñas y medianas empresas obtienen préstamos de los bancos.
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Nimble Wheels? Truck Dealerships Shift with a Shifting Economy
June 2012
Oscar Horton, owner and president of Sun State International, a commercial truck dealership in Florida, talks about changes in trucks, truck dealerships, and the trucking industry.
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Recession's Impact on the Workforce
March 2012
Nicole Smith of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce discusses the recent recession's effects on the workforce and how its effects differed from earlier economic downturns.
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Surveying the National Economy
December 2011
Julie Hotchkiss of the Atlanta Fed's research department discusses the regional and national economy in 2011 and factors that could influence the economy in the coming years.
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The Pros and Cons of Capital Controls
September 2011
Emerging-market economies face numerous challenges, among them the economic imbalances that large fluctuations in foreign investment can produce, complicating the conducting of monetary policy. Kevin Gallagher, associate professor of international relations at Boston University, discusses capital controls and the evolving school of thought regarding them.
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The Economic Relationship Between Latin America and China
June 2011
Dan Breznitz, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and author of Run of the Red Queen: Government Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China, discusses innovation, economic growth, and what China may teach us about other emerging economies.
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Brazil and Offshore Oil
March 2011
The discovery of large petroleum reserves off the coast of Brazil has the potential to raise the country's profile as a petroleum exporter even as it remains a large producer of alternative energy. But could a sudden influx of wealth into the Brazilian economy pose its own risks?
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Surveying the National Economy
December 2010
Julie Hotchkiss of the Atlanta Fed's research department looks at our nation's economy in the wake of the crisis and as we head into the next year.
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Financial Literacy and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
September 2010
Kris Gerardi, an economist in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discusses the connection between financial literacy and the likelihood of buying a house using a subprime mortgage.
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Greece and Sovereign Debt
June 2010
Andrew Flowers of the Atlanta Fed's research department discusses the Greek sovereign debt situation and its potential implications for other European economies, as well as the global economy.
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Examining JOLTS
March 2010
Julie Hotchkiss and Menbere Shiferaw of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey and the region's changing employment landscape.
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Surveying the U.S. Economy
December 2009
Mike Bryan, vice president and senior economist in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discusses developments in the U.S. economy in 2009 and what they might mean in 2010 as the nation emerges from recession.
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Indexing the Housing Market
September 2009
Karl Case, an economics professor at Wellesley College and codeveloper of the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, discusses house prices and the state of the housing market.
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The Economic Impact of Crime
April 2009
Dr. Robert Friedman, a professor in Georgia State University's Department of Criminal Justice, discusses the economic impact of crime, crime prevention, and the administration of justice.
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The Southeastern Economy in 2009
December 2008
Julie Hotchkiss and John Robertson, economists and policy advisers in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discuss the economic outlook for the Southeast in 2009.
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Home Foreclosures and Resources in South Florida
October 2008
Ana Cruz-Taura, community development director in the Miami Branch of the Atlanta Fed, discusses the foreclosure situation in Florida and resources for affected individuals.
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Gulf of Mexico Energy Exploration and Production
September 2008
Eric Smith of the Entergy-Tulane Energy Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans discusses oil and gas exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Metro Atlanta's Infrastructure
June 2008
Charles "Chick" Krautler, director of the Atlanta Regional Commission, discusses some of the metro area's planning programs for transportation, air quality, the environment, land use, and water supply.
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Economic Development Trends
April 2008
Todd Greene, the Atlanta Fed's assistant vice president for community and economic development research and policy, discusses economic development trends in the Southeast.
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The Southeastern Economy in 2008
January 2008
Atlanta Fed economists Julie Hotchkiss and John Robertson discuss factors that will influence the Southeastern economy in the coming year.
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Emerging Multinational Markets
September 2007
Javier Santiso, chief economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, discusses the increasing number of multinational companies from emerging market economies and particularly those from Latin America.
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Boatbuilding in East Tennessee
July 2007
An interview with Ron Hammontree, executive director of the Tellico Reservoir Development Agency, about the Knoxville, Tenn., area's emergence as a hub of the boatbuilding industry.
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Housing Affordability: An Economist's Perspective
March 2007
An interview with Atlanta Fed economist Julie Hotchkiss on housing affordability and its surrounding issues.
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2007 Outlook
March 2007
John Robertson, Atlanta Fed vice president and senior economist, gives an assessment of current economic conditions in the Southeast and each state in the region.
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