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Foreclosure Response

Through this series of twelve interviews experts on various facets of foreclosure—from neighborhood impacts to loan modifications to new strategies—engage listeners in understanding problems and advancing solutions.

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The Changing Nature of Housing Counseling
January 2010
Suzanne Boas, president of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta, talks about the changing nature of the organization's client demographics and the strategies CCCS is using to help homeowners across the nation avoid or recover from foreclosure.
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Foreclosures and the Appraisal Industry
December 2009
K.C. Conway, subject matter expert with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, talks about how the foreclosure crisis has affected the appraisal industry and strategies for responding to rapidly changing housing markets.
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Piloting Neighborhood Stabilization Strategies
December 2009
John O'Callaghan, president and CEO of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership Inc., talks about ANDP's pilot program to test neighborhood stabilization strategies and how lessons from this program informed their Neighborhood Stabilization Program activities.
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Intermediary Lending Products for Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grantees
December 2009
Tyler Van Gundy of the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) describes the intermediary lending products NCST has developed to support various Neighborhood Stabilization Program strategies.
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Foreclosures and Fair Property Tax Valuation
November 2009
Susan Adams, director of research, policy, and information at Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership Inc., talks about how foreclosures and tax assessment practices can have an inequitable impact on households.
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Lessons from Community Stabilization Partnerships
November 2009
Craig Nickerson of the National Community Stabilization Trust discusses what the trust has learned from partnering with many Neighborhood Stabilization Program grantees as they work to restore communities hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.
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Contagion Effects of Foreclosure
November 2009
Stephanie Rauterkus, a visiting scholar at the Atlanta Fed and an assistant professor at the University of Alabama–Birmingham, discusses the impact that foreclosures can have on the home values of the entire neighborhood.
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The Accumulation of Bank-Owned Homes
October 2009
Dan Immergluck, an associate professor of city and regional planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses how different metropolitan areas have been affected by bank-owned properties, what happens once these homes go into foreclosure, and what can be done to return these homes to productive use.
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The Neighborhood Stabilization Program
October 2009
Karen Leone de Nie, research manager of Community Development at the Atlanta Fed, discusses how local governments in the Southeast are using the federal government's Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which has allocated nearly $6 billion to help struggling neighborhoods, to stabilize and recover communities that have been hit hard by foreclosures.
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Sustainable Planning to Recover from the Mortgage Crisis
October 2009
Dan Immergluck, an associate professor of city and regional planning at the Georgia Institute of Technology, discusses the likely implications of the future of housing markets as a result of the changes in the financial market over the past few years.
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Foreclosures and Loan Modifications
October 2009
Kris Gerardi, a research economist and associate policy adviser in the Atlanta Fed's research department, discusses loan modifications for borrowers in danger of foreclosure. (Note: This interview originally appeared in the Financial Update Focus podcast series.)
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Land Banking as a Foreclosure Mitigation Strategy
September 2009
Frank Alexander, a professor of law at Emory Law School, discusses the issues and opportunities that land banking represents for stabilizing communities across the country.
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