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Financial Update Focus

The Financial Update Focus podcast series features interviews and commentaries examining issues in banking and financial services around the Southeast.

Podcasts are free to use but are subject to our legal notices.

Financial Services Strategic Plan for 2012 to 2016
November 2012
The Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Office (RPO) continually works with the payments industry to further improve the speed, safety and efficiency of payments, including numerous technology upgrades in response to the ever-changing payments environment. In a podcast, Cheryl Venable and Jim McKee of the RPO discuss the Fed's new Financial Services Strategic Plan for 2012 through 2016.
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Surveying Southeastern Banking
December 2011
Banks in the Southeast, as well as across the nation, are in some ways still healing from the aftermath of the financial crisis. Brian Bowling, vice president in the Atlanta Fed's banking supervision and regulation division, discusses the general state of banking in the region.
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Social Networks' Role in Rebuilding Communities
August 2011
In a podcast, Atlanta Fed staffers Ann Carpenter and Nancy Montoya discuss the chapter they coauthored in the new book Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita. Their discussion explores the role of social networks in rebuilding communities.
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Data Breaches and Risk Management in Emerging Payments
July 2011
Companies gather a great deal of personal data about people, information that can be vulnerable to theft. Will Roberds, research economist and senior policy adviser at the Atlanta Fed, discusses data breaches and risk management in emerging payments and the concomitant risk of identity theft.
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Focus on Payments: Debit Cards Surpass Checks, Credit Cards Decline for First Time
December 2010
Rich Oliver, executive vice president at the Atlanta Fed, discusses the recent Board of Governors payments study. He says that although the study revealed no big surprises, it did confirm what experts had suspected: Americans now use their debit cards more than they write checks.
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Communication: The Key to Guiding Southeast Banks through Tumultuous Times
October 2010
Michael Johnson, the Atlanta Fed's senior vice president of supervision and regulation, discusses the importance of communication between the banking industry and bank supervisors in these tumultuous times, as well as the new online Financial Update feature, "ViewPoint," a tool for communicating supervisory priorities and challenges as well as banking conditions in the Southeast.
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Banking in the Southeast
June 2010
Southeastern banks have experienced an eventful period and have recently endured significant challenges. Brian Bowling, vice president in the Atlanta Fed's banking supervision and regulation division, discusses the general state of banking in the region.
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Redesigning the $100 Note
April 2010
Brian Thompson, a banknote designer at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, discusses the redesigned $100 note and the art of currency design.
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Independence Crucial to Monetary Policymaking
January 2010
Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart speaks about the importance of an apolitical environment to setting monetary policy and the role of regional input in policymaking.
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International Capital Flows
December 2009
Galina Alexeenko of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's research department discusses trends in international capital flows in the wake of the recent financial crisis.
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Foreclosures and Loan Modifications
September 2009
Kris Gerardi, a research economist and associate policy adviser in the research department of the Atlanta Fed, discusses loan modifications for borrowers in danger of foreclosure.
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The Government's Intervention into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
June 2009
Scott Frame, an Atlanta Fed financial economist and policy adviser, discusses the government's intervention into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and its implications for the housing market and the overall economy.
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Making Sense of the Subprime Crisis
March 2009
Atlanta Fed economist Kris Gerardi discusses factors that triggered the subprime mortgage crisis, whether it could have been foreseen, and the lessons learned from it.
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Bank Asset Quality, Liquidity, and Capital
August 2008
Brian Bowling, assistant vice president in bank supervision and regulation at the Atlanta Fed, discusses recent banking conditions in the Southeast.
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Partnership for Progress
June 2008
The Atlanta Fed's Andre Anderson discusses Partnership for Progress, a new Federal Reserve program designed to help minority-owned and de novo banks.
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The Fed's Liquidity Measures
May 2008
David Altig, the Atlanta Fed's senior vice president and director of research, discusses recent measures by the Federal Reserve to restore liquidity to financial markets.
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Crisis Preparedness: Reconnecting the Financial Lifeline
February 2008
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has developed Crisis Preparedness: Reconnecting the Financial Lifeline, a DVD designed to assist bankers with their institutions' emergency preparedness efforts.
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Foreclosure Prevention
November 2007
Juan Sanchez, assistant vice president in the Atlanta Fed's Community Affairs Department, talks about the recent spate of homeowner foreclosures and new DVD the Atlanta Fed has produced to inform consumers about what to do if problems arise.
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State of the Banking Industry
August 2007
An interview with Brian Bowling, an assistant vice president in the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation department, about the general state of the banking industry in the Southeast.
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Electronic Payments Set to Grow
July 2007
An interview with Rich Oliver, executive vice president of the Atlanta Fed, about the ongoing decline of paper checks and the growth of electronic payment transactions.
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Hurricane Preparedness
June 2007
An interview with Patrick K. Barron, Atlanta Fed first vice president and chief operating officer, on steps banks and the Fed can take to prepare for hurricane season.
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Check 21 Growth Shows No Sign of Slowing
February 2007
An interview with Fred Herr, senior vice president in the Fed's Atlanta-based Retail Payments Office and a member of the Federal Reserve's Check 21 Steering Group, discusses issues related to Check 21.
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