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Economic Development subscribe to Economic Development
The creation of quality jobs in a challenging economy requires rethinking existing strategies. The Federal Reserve and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) have partnered to offer free podcast interviews with economic development practitioners and academics. Podcasts cover innovative postrecessionary economic development strategies, emerging trends in job creation and workforce development, small business trends, and health care issues.

EconSouth Now subscribe to podcast
EconSouth Now podcast interviews and commentaries are an enhancement to EconSouth, a quarterly magazine focusing on regional economic issues and including coverage of national and international topics.


Financial Update Focus subscribe to Financial Update Focus
The Financial Update Focus podcast features interviews and commentaries examining issues in banking and financial services around the Southeast.


Foreclosure Response subscribe to speeches podcast
Through this series of fourteen interviews experts on various facets of foreclosure—from neighborhood impacts to loan modifications to new strategies—engage listeners in understanding problems and advancing solutions.


Payments Spotlight subscribe to speeches podcast
Payments Spotlight, a product of the Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Risk Forum, is an occasional podcast series that features interviews and commentaries on emerging risk issues in retail payments.


Perspectives on Real Estate subscribe to Perspectives on Real Estate
The real estate industry is in a constant state of evolution even during ordinary times. During these extraordinary times of financial uncertainty, the industry is changing faster than ever. This podcast series features experts discussing emerging trends and innovative strategies, and how they are adapting existing strategies to keep up with today's shifting landscape. These interviews aim to increase understanding of the industry.


Research Insights subscribe to podcast
The Research Insights podcast series offers discussions by Atlanta Fed economists and other experts on a variety of topics related to policy issues of interest to the Bank's Research Department.


Southeastern Economic Perspectives subscribe to southeastern economic perspectives podcast
The Southeastern Economic Perspectives podcast series features interviews and commentaries examining economic and industry trends in the Southeast.


Speeches subscribe to speeches podcast
This podcast series features speeches by Atlanta Fed officials discussing events pertaining to the economy and finance and banking.

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2007 Outlook
(Podcasts, March 22, 2007)

After the Feast
(, September 6, 2007)

Analyzing the Southeast's Economy
(Podcasts, October 1, 2007)

Boatbuilding in East Tennessee
(Podcasts, July 3, 2007)

Check 21 Growth Shows No Sign of Slowing
(Podcasts, February 27, 2007)

Credit Channel of Monetary Policy
(Podcasts, June 29, 2007)

Credit Derivatives
(Podcasts, June 4, 2007)

Electronic Payments Set to Grow
(Podcasts, July 27, 2007)

Emerging Multinational Markets
(Podcasts, September 19, 2007)

Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions
(Podcasts, May 17, 2007)

Foreclosure Prevention
(Podcasts, November 8, 2007)

The Gulf Coast: Two Years After Katrina
(Podcasts, July 31, 2007)

Housing Affordability: An Economist's Perspective
(Podcasts, March 30, 2007)

Hurricane Preparedness
(Podcasts, June 6, 2007)

Navigating Around Financial Turbulence
(, September 28, 2007)

On Rocket Science
(, November 7, 2007)

Regional Economic Conditions and Consumer Spending
(Podcasts, May 23, 2007)

State of the Banking Industry
(Podcasts, August 30, 2007)

2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014



Consumer Spending

Economic Outlook


Electronic Payments

Emergency Preparedness


Financial Markets

Fiscal Policy


Hurricane Katrina


Monetary Policy


Real Estate

Southeast Economy




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