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No Sign of Summer Doldrums

The Southeast heats up in the summer, and so it is with regional economic activity in the second quarter of 2014. Strengthening employment numbers offer encouragement, with data indicating slow but steady progress. Financial Update's "EconBrief" discusses what the numbers might imply going forward.

Annual Report Asks: Where Are the Jobs?

The Atlanta Fed's annual report, now available online, tells a vivid story of the 2013 labor market. Readers can interact with a variety of dynamic elements—including short, informative videos and interactive charts—to learn all about the labor market.

Americans, Europeans Spending Less Time on Housework

With just 24 hours in a day, time is a limited resource. New research from the Atlanta Fed highlights some surprising trends in the way people on both sides of the Atlantic allocate their hours.

The Atlanta Fed in the Modern Era

A quarter century ago, the Atlanta Fed presented the first 75 years of its history. Discover our commemoration of the last 25 years of our history through images, essays, and videos chronicling the Bank’s evolution from 1989 to 2014.

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Dollars and Cents

Fascinating facts about current and historic U.S. money, including security features, how to spot a counterfeit, and more

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This quarterly economic and business magazine features articles on regional, national, and international issues; interviews with subject matter experts; and highlights of regional data and analysis.

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Listen up! In interviews and speeches, experts discuss today's topics in the economy, banking, finance, and more.

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