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The Federal Reserve

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Photo of directors' chairsSixth Federal Reserve District Directors

Federal Reserve Banks each have a board of nine directors. Directors provide economic information, have broad oversight responsibility for their bank's operations, and, with Board of Governors approval, appoint the bank's president and first vice president.

Six directors—three class A, representing the banking industry, and three class B—are elected by banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System. Three class C directors (including the chairman and deputy chairman) are appointed by the Board of Governors. Class B and C directors represent agriculture, commerce, industry, labor, and consumers in the district; they cannot be officers, directors, or employees of a bank; class C directors cannot be bank stockholders.

Fed branch office boards have five or seven directors; the majority are appointed by head-office directors and the rest by the Board of Governors.

Atlanta Board of Directors

Birmingham Branch Directors

Jacksonville Branch Directors

Miami Branch Directors

Nashville Branch Directors

New Orleans Branch Directors