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Community Reinvestment brochure banner image

What Is the Community Reinvestment Act?

Looking at Your Bank's CRA Performance—The Big Picture

Standards Used to Evaluate Your Bank's CRA Performance

Your Bank's Overall CRA Rating

What Your Bank's Public CRA File Must Show

Where You Can Find Your Bank's CRA Public File

How You Can Comment on Your Bank's CRA Performance

picture of storefrontAs a financial consumer and a concerned citizen, you may be interested in how well your bank or savings and loan is helping meet the credit needs of your community, including low- and moderate-income areas. In fact, by law, the performance of every bank and thrift in meeting these needs is regularly evaluated and rated, and this rating is available to the public.

This document is intended to help you understand how this law—the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)—affects the way your financial institution serves your community. It describes the factors federal regulators use when they review a bank's CRA performance and explains the rating the bank receives. It also tells you what information is available about a bank's CRA rating and where you can find it.