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What Is the Community Reinvestment Act?

Looking at Your Bank's CRA Performance—The Big Picture

Standards Used to Evaluate Your Bank's CRA Performance

Your Bank's Overall CRA Rating

What Your Bank's Public CRA File Must Show

Where You Can Find Your Bank's CRA Public File

How You Can Comment on Your Bank's CRA Performance
Looking at Your Bank's CRA Performance—The Big Picture

picture of row housesBefore examiners from financial regulatory agencies can judge your bank's CRA performance, they need to get a general sense of your community and how your bank fits into it. They consider a number of factors, including but not limited to

bullet image the makeup of the community;
bullet image what the local and regional economic conditions are;
bullet image what kind of opportunities exist for serving the community through lending and investments;
bullet image what your bank's business strategy and products are;
bullet image how your bank is doing financially;
bullet image what CRA rating your bank has received in the past and, sometimes, how other local institutions have been doing;
bullet image what your bank sees as the credit needs of its community; and
bullet image what individuals, community and civic organizations, and businesses—as well as state, local, and tribal governments—think about your bank's efforts toward meeting the community's credit needs.