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What Is the Community Reinvestment Act?

Looking at Your Bank's CRA Performance—The Big Picture

Standards Used to Evaluate Your Bank's CRA Performance

Your Bank's Overall CRA Rating

What Your Bank's Public CRA File Must Show

Where You Can Find Your Bank's CRA Public File

How You Can Comment on Your Bank's CRA Performance
What Your Bank's Public CRA File Must Show

couple discussing "finance"Your bank must maintain a public file, updated as of April 1 each year, that includes the following information:
bullet image For the current year and two previous years, all written comments from the public about how your bank is helping meet community credit needs. The file must also include your bank's response to these comments.
bullet image A copy of the public section of your bank's most recent CRA performance evaluation. Your bank must place the copy in its public files within 30 business days after receiving it. If your bank received a less-than-satisfactory rating during its most recent examination, it must include a description of efforts to improve its performance and update that report every three months.
bullet image A list of your bank's current branches with their street addresses and the geographic areas they serve. The list must also show this information for any branches your bank has opened or closed during the current year and previous two years.
bullet image A list of services—including hours of operation, available loan and deposit products, and fees—offered at your bank's branches. This list must note any significant differences in services at particular branches.
bullet image A map of the bank's assessment area showing its boundaries and identifying the various geographic areas within it, either on the map or in a separate list.
bullet image Information on loans that are included in your bank's review.
bullet image A copy of your bank's strategic plan if the bank is evaluated by one.
bullet image For a large bank, its CRA disclosure statement, prepared every year by its regulator. The statement contains information about small business and small farm loans and the population's income levels for each county where the bank operates.