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Economic Review

Economic Review

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Changes in the Aggregate Labor Force Participation Rate
Julie L. Hotchkiss
Vol. 94, No. 4, 2009
This paper presents a simple methodology for decomposing changes in the aggregate labor force participation rate (LFPR) into demographic group changes in both participation behavior and population shares. Changes in population shares dominated behavioral changes in the historical evolution of the aggregate LFPR.

Is More Still Better? Revisiting the Sixth District Coincident Indicator
Pedro Silos and Diego Vilán
Vol. 94, No. 3, 2009
A revised version of the D6 Factor model of the southeastern economy is better than the original at describing contemporary economic activity and allows for historical comparisons across several business cycles.

The Peak Oil Debate
Laurel Graefe
Vol. 94, No. 2
Has the world's oil output peaked, or will it peak soon? The author helps clarify this heated debate by providing definitions of frequently used (and misused) terms and discussing how technology, government policies, and prices influence oil production.

Financial Development, Remittances, and Real Exchange Rate Appreciation
Pablo A. Acosta, Nicole Rae Baerg, and Federico S. Mandelman
Vol. 94, No. 1
Remittances can raise the real exchange rate for recipient economies. But countries with better-developed financial markets can more effectively channel remittances toward investment activities and thus assuage remittances' appreciation effects on the local currency.