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Economic Review

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Vol. 92, Nos. 1 and 2
First and Second Quarters 2007


Safe and Sound Banking: Past, Present, and Future

Safe and Sound Banking Twenty Years Later: What Was Proposed and What Has Been Adopted

Safety, Soundness, and the Evolution of the U.S. Banking Industry

Supervising Bank Safety and Soundness: Some Open Issues

Roundtable Discussion: Reflection on Twenty Years of Bank Regulatory Reform



President and Chief Executive Officer
Dennis P. Lockhart

Research Department
Thomas J. Cunningham, Vice President and Associate Director of Research

Gerald P. Dwyer Jr., Vice President, Financial

John C. Robertson, Vice President, Regional

Ellis W. Tallman, Vice President, Macropolicy

Public Affairs
Bobbie H. McCrackin, Vice President

Lynn H. Foley, Editor

Tom Heintjes, Managing Editor

Jill Dible and Peter Hamilton, Designers

Vanessa Floccari, Marketing and Circulation

Charlotte Wessels, Administrative Assistance

The Economic Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, published quarterly, presents analysis of economic and financial topics relevant to Federal Reserve policy. In a format accessible to the nonspecialist, the publication reflects the work of the Research Department. It is edited, designed, produced, and distributed through the Public Affairs Department.

Views expressed in the Economic Review are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta or the Federal Reserve System.

Material may be reprinted or abstracted if the Economic Review and author are credited.

For further information, contact the Public Affairs Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 1000 Peachtree Street, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30309-4470 (404-498-8020).

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