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Economic Review

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Volume 92, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2007

A Note from the Editor
Articles to be online only in 2008

Change is coming to the Atlanta Fed's Economic Review in 2008. We will no longer produce printed quarterly issues. Instead, we will publish individual Economic Review articles electronically, at least four per year, only on our Web site.

To be notified via e-mail when new Economic Review articles are available, subscribe to our notification service or RSS feeds.

Though the format will change, our goal for the Economic Review remains the same: to provide analysis of economic and financial topics relevant to Federal Reserve policy in a format accessible to the nonspecialist.

Other research from Atlanta Fed economists is also available in the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Working Paper Series and in articles published in academic economic and financial journals. Articles focusing on the southeastern economy are available in the Atlanta Fed's EconSouth magazine.

If you have comments or questions about subscribing, please e-mail me at

We hope that you will continue to find the Economic Review a valuable resource.

Lynn H. Foley