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Volume 11, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2009
Image of path to recovery U.S. Economy Opens a Door Toward Recovery PDF logo
The economy spent much of 2009 in the grip of recession, but signs of a turnaround began to emerge during the year. Significant challenges remain on the road to a full economic recovery, however.

Podcast logo In EconSouth Now, listen to Mike Bryan discuss developments in the U.S. economy in 2009 and what they might mean in 2010 as the nation emerges from recession.

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The Financial Sector Seeks Stability PDF logo
Breaking the grip of the financial crisis required intense intervention by the U.S. government and regulatory agencies. Policymakers now seek to maintain the progress they have made and return normalcy to credit markets.

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Global Outlook Takes a Turn Toward Improvement PDF logo
Economies the world over have endured a difficult period, but many show signs of emerging from their slumps. Developing economies appear to be on the leading edge of recovery while developed economies are rebounding more slowly.
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The Southeast in 2010: Region Hopes for Turnaround PDF logo
Like other parts of the United States, the Southeast was hit hard by the recession. Significant sectors of the economy, such as construction and employment declined, and state and local governments saw their revenues pinched by dropoffs in tax revenues. But signs of recovery have begun to emerge and position the region for a brighter 2010.


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