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Volume 13, Number 2
Second Quarter 2011
Florida: State of Change Florida: A State of Change
With decades of uninterrupted growth under its belt, Florida's prosperity appeared invincible. But with the end of the housing boom and declining in-migration, the Sunshine State's formerly dependable formula for success was suddenly upended. How will the state position itself for growth in a new environment?
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Trade Strengthens Ties between China and Latin America

Trade Strengthens Ties between China and Latin America
The expanding trade relationship between China and Latin America has benefited all parties: China gets the raw materials its manufacturers need, and Latin American countries get affordable manufactured goods. But beneath this mutually prosperous surface, tensions are mounting.
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Podcast logo In EconSouth Now, listen to Dan Breznitz, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and author of Run of the Red Queen: Government Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China, discuss innovation, economic growth, and what China may teach us about other emerging economies.
International Tax and Nicotine
The cost of smoking has never been higher, partly a result of states levying higher taxes on each pack of cigarettes. Though smoking rates are on the decline, revenues from cigarette sales are up—sometimes dramatically. State governments are seeing green in the brown, but how long will they be able to depend on this revenue?
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