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Volume 13, Number 3
Third Quarter 2011
Examining Health Care Employment: The Prognosis Is Good Examining Health Care Employment: The Prognosis Is Good
The Southeast's unemployment rate is higher than the national average, but one area has shown robust job growth: health care. Evolving technology and demographics are creating new opportunities, but how will the steadily rising cost of health care affect the jobs it offers?
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Payments Security: As Strong as the Weakest Link

Payments Security: As Strong as the Weakest Link
Data breaches have become an unfortunately frequent aspect of our interconnected society. Industry experts and economists agree that the security of the payments system relies on the vigilance of all participants, but achieving uniform diligence presents its own challenges.
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International Made in the South: A Bad News, Good News Story
The manufacturing base that used to exist in the South has withered as textiles and other low-value producers have gone overseas. The region has been able to shore up its manufacturing base, but challenges to the sector remain, and surmounting them will require further innovation.
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Capital Controls Gain Currency in Today's Global Economy
Emerging market economies face a unique set of challenges, among them the economic imbalances that large fluctuations in foreign investment can produce, making it difficult to conduct effective monetary policy. Some countries have begun implementing safeguards to stabilize their economies.
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Podcast logo Kevin Gallagher, associate professor of international relations at Boston University, discusses capital controls in emerging market economies and the evolving school of thought regarding them.


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