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Economic Research

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Volume 14, Number 1
First Quarter 2012
Employment and Recession Who Is the Most Unemployed? Factors Affecting Joblessness
A severe recession leaves few demographic cohorts unscathed, but some groups get hit harder than others. What groups bore the brunt of the most recent economic downturn, and how do its effects differ from those of past downturns?
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Podcast logo Nicole Smith of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce discusses the recent recession's effects on the workforce and how its effects differed from earlier economic downturns.

Currency Swaps

Swap Lines Underscore the Dollar's Central Role
The U.S. dollar occupies a crucial role in the smooth functioning of global commerce. So when international credit markets become unusually constrained—as during the recent financial crisis—the Federal Reserve coordinates swap lines with other central banks to ensure that dollars remain accessible.
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International Down but Not Out: Alabama Recovering from Tornadoes
April 27, 2011, saw a wave of tornadoes descend on Alabama, causing immense destruction of lives and property, taking an enormous economic toll but an even larger human one. A year later, communities across the state are rebuilding and healing.
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