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Volume 14, Number 2
Second Quarter 2012
Energy Amid National Energy Boom, a Complex Roux in Louisiana
The worldwide thirst for energy has produced numerous effects on energy-producing areas such as Louisiana. As the energy sector is changing in response to new technologies and market forces, southeastern energy producers are figuring out how to supply energy while remaining profitable.
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Currency Swaps

Out of the South: Exports Buoy Region's Economy
Exports make up a growing share of the Southeast's economy, with everything from food to cars reaching distant ports. Not only are southeastern products reaching increasing numbers of foreign consumers, but more people from foreign markets are visiting the region, increasing tourism exports.
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International Truckonomics: An Industry on the Move
Recent economic tribulations and fuel-price spikes hit the trucking industry hard, and the industry responded with consolidation and technological innovation. Now a leaner and smarter trucking industry keeps goods moving, fulfilling its central role in the U.S. economy.
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Podcast logoIn a podcast interview, Oscar Horton, owner and president of Sun State International, a commercial truck dealership in Florida, talks about changes in trucks, truck dealerships, and the trucking industry.

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