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Volume 14, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2012
Graphic of chance of growth Cloudy with a Chance of Growth
With labor markets and the housing sector taking halting steps forward, 2012 showed some signs of continuing economic recovery. But growth during this period has been slower than past recoveries have seen. Will 2013 maintain the tentative pace of the past year?
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Regional forecast The Southeast's Sunny Spring Yields to an Overcast Fall
In 2012, the Southeast's economy got off to a fast start—and then began staggering toward year's end. Some of the region's important indicators now hint again at a quickening economic pace in 2013, but observers remain wary of declaring that we are out of the economic doldrums.
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Podcast logoIn a podcast interview, Chris Cunningham of the Atlanta Fed's research department looks at the national and regional economy, discussing areas were strongest and which ones have yet to find their legs in the sluggish recovery.

Global growth Uncertainty Weighs on Global Growth
Economic growth worldwide in 2012 was hampered by factors ranging from the ongoing woes of the euro zone to lagging growth among the previously dynamic economies of developing countries. With uncertainty remaining high in some key regions, a return to robust growth in 2013 is far from certain.
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