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Volume 15, Number 3
Third Quarter 2013
Photo of New Orleans street The Big Busy
After Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005, many people wondered when the city would rebound—or if it ever could. The city's resurgence is all the more remarkable, then, as a post-Katrina reset has dramatically transformed its economy.
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graphic of people and data Big Data: Government's Next Frontier?
Some government agencies have undertaken big-data initiatives targeting certain groups, including prison parolees and college students. These initiatives benefit the people they target while helping the organizations achieve efficiencies otherwise unavailable.
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photo of community welcome sign Innovative Strategies in Community Development
Community developers have long sought to balance the needs of residents with the realities of budgets, demographics, and politics as well as related concerns such as residents' need for access to transportation and employment. Recent innovative approaches have made strides in addressing the myriad concerns of constituent groups.
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Podcast logo Some economic development efforts have expanded beyond traditional strategies to address a more comprehensive set of issues, including neighborhood revitalization. In this podcast, Shirley Franklin, CEO of Purpose Built Communities and former Atlanta mayor, discusses an approach that encompasses many stakeholders and yields beneficial community results.

graphic of state capital building Sovereign Debt: Two Perspectives
The austerity debate is contentious, but it's among the most important public policy debates of our time. The debate over austerity raises many questions, and the affected countries have responded in a variety of ways and with varying degrees of success.
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