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Volume 11, Number 3
Third Quarter 2009


On Point

Fed @ Issue

Grassroots: Daytona, Fla.

Q & A: John Adams


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Now and Then

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Photo of house On the Bubble: When Real Estate's Long Haul Took a Shortcut

While home prices kept appreciating handsomely, homeowners thought they were on a surefire path to personal wealth. The market swoon brought a sobering realization: What goes up can come down.
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Photo of vacancy sign Vacancy Signs Dot Lodging Landscape

Hoteliers are leaving the lights on for travelers, but they're not showing up. The recession has had a big impact on the lodging industry in the Southeast especially, leading to price cuts and other efforts geared toward attracting corporate and individual guests.

Photo of foam fan gloves Sports Still Draw Fans Despite Recession

Shaking off the effects of the recession like a rusher shaking off tacklers, many teams at the professional and collegiate levels are weathering the economic downturn well. Smaller teams, though, are finding the challenge daunting.