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Coping with the "BYOT" Trend

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Professional Development with the Classroom Economist

Two Lessons Incorporating Common Core Standards

Credit Reports: As Important as Report Cards

Know FRED? Now Meet GeoFRED

What It Means to Pay Interest on Reserves

Operation Twist: Another Nontraditional Tool

Economic Consequences of Paying Tuition

Another Visit to FRED

Atlanta Fed Museum Adds Exhibits

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BYOT? Have No Fear, Fed Resources Are Here!
4/15/13–Bring your own technology? In the classroom? Like it or not, students' electronic devices are becoming acceptable, even encouraged. Extra Credit offers Fed resources, including mobile apps, that help teachers take advantage of these devices in their economics and personal finance classes.
Financial Life Is Tough—Students Should Be Prepared
4/15/13–Even financially savvy consumers can experience serious financial problems—because of an illness, for example. Teachers, here is some information on nonprofit financial counseling agencies that offer support to people going through tough financial times.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game…to Learn Economics
4/15/13–Baseball and economics have more than statistics in common. Here's one way to teach economics through America's favorite pastime. Read more.
Noteworthy Events
4/15/13–A Fed education booth at the April 17-18 National Business Education Association 2013 Annual Convention, a television special on money, and the new Classroom Economist—all noteworthy events. Read the details online.
Personal Finance and Professional Development with the Classroom Economist
3/1/13–The Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis and Atlanta are teaming up to offer teachers more options for professional development. Learn more about this and updates to the Classroom Economist.
Implementing Common Core Standards? Check Out These Lessons
3/1/13–Need lessons that meet common core standards? This article describes two from the St. Louis Fed that incorporate standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies.
Personal Finance Trends: Credit Reports: Are You One of the 25 Percent?
3/1/13–About 25 percent of participants in a study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission found an error on at least one of their credit reports. How do you teach students the importance of checking theirs? Here are some ideas.
Meet FRED's Brother, GeoFRED: Blending Technology, Geography, and Data
3/1/13–Do your middle schoolers need to learn how to analyze data? No problem! Do they need to hone their geography skills? Easy! Knock out both with GeoFRED, an online data mapping tool. Read more.
Primer on Nontraditional Monetary Policy Tools: Paying Interest on Reserves
1/30/13–The severity of the last financial crisis led the nation's central bank to pull some nontraditional monetary policy tools out of its tool kit. This first of two primers on nontraditional tools explains in clear terms how paying interest on excess reserve balances can assist in the conduct of monetary policy.
Primer on Nontraditional Monetary Policy Tools: The Maturity Extension Program
1/30/13–This second of two primers on nontraditional monetary policy tools looks at Operation Twist and the Fed's maturity extension program.
Personal Finance Trends: College Costs and Student Loans
1/30/13–The rising costs of a college education and levels of student debt are outstripping the rate of inflation. Here's how teachers can help their students understand the economic costs and consequences of a higher education.
Another Visit to FRED to Find Primary Data
1/30/13–Join us on another tour of the user-friendly treasure trove of economic data called FRED, short for Federal Reserve Economic Data. This article walks you through the process of creating charts to view the effects of recent monetary policy efforts on interest rates.
Atlanta Fed Monetary Museum Adds Interactive Exhibits
1/30/13–How will your economic knowledge compare with that of the "person on the street"? One of two exciting new interactive exhibits at the Atlanta Fed's Monetary Museum, "Street Smarts" forces you to think on your feet. Learn about this quiz, the other new interactive exhibit, and more in this article.
New Monetary Museum Brings More Flavor to the Crescent City
1/30/13–You already know that New Orleans has a rich history, but did you know how influential it has been in U.S. financial history? Read about the Museum of Trade, Finance, and the Fed, opening soon at the New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Fed.
The Fed Explains the Central Bank
1/30/13–Another great resource for teachers, the latest installment in the Atlanta Fed's animated video series focuses on the history, structure, and functions of the Federal Reserve System.