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Federal Reserve Lessons Connecting Women and Economics
8/22/2014–Women's Equality Day on August 26th is a great opportunity to highlight women's economic issues. This article provides data and lesson suggestions for your classroom.
Economics and Finance Are Women's Worlds, Too
8/22/2014–On February 3, 2014, Janet Yellen was sworn in as the Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. This article spotlights the first woman to chair the Fed.
Personal Finance Trends: Does Gender Matter?
8/22/2014–Do men and women have different ways of managing their personal finances? This article looks at some research and offers some teaching resources.
Empowering Women through Financial Literacy: Realities and Resources
8/22/2014–Learn how financial literacy can empower women. This article explores myths, realities, and resources for women's financial empowerment.
The Fed Explains the Payments System
8/22/2014–Like a circulatory system for the economy, the U.S. payments system facilitates the flow of money between buyers and sellers. This article highlights the new Fed Explained video on the payments system.
New Teaching Resources Coming Soon
8/22/2014–Earlier this summer, the New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Fed rolled out an online virtual tour of its Museum of Trade, Finance, and the Fed. Extra Credit will soon be offering new classroom tools, such as a scavenger hunt, for teachers to use in conjunction with the virtual tour. Read details about the museum, or take the tour.