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Financial Literacy Year Round

Making Financial decisions

National Debt vs. Legacy

Banking Technologically

Inflation and the Apptivity of the Month

Where Are the Jobs?

An Update of a Classic: Katrina's Classroom

By the Numbers

Uncle Jed Teaches Social Studies

Commerce on the Canvas

Apptivity of the Month: FRED

Tapering and the Road Ahead

Big Data, Big Changes

Video Q&A with the Fed Explained

Unemployment Rate Myths

Apptivity of the Month: Building Wealth


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Teaching Financial Literacy Year Round
3/28/2014–April is National Financial Literacy Month, and this article offers tips for teaching financial literacy throughout the year.
Share the Wealth
3/28/2014–Making decisions can be a difficult process no matter where you are in life. Your students can learn how to make better financial decisions, at least, with two new courses from the St. Louis Fed. This article offers details.
Blessing or Danger?
3/28/2014–President Herbert Hoover once said, "Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt." So teachers can help the young understand their inheritance better, this article discusses national debt, the deficit, and the difference between them.
Technology Trends Affecting the Banking Industry
3/28/2014–As technology evolves, so does banking. Extra Credit describes five new tools that make banking easier for your students and everyone else.
Apptivity of the Month: Econ Lowdown
3/28/2014–This classroom activity allows students to use their own tools—their smartphones and tablets—with an app from the St. Louis Fed to learn about inflation and the cost of credit. This article offers some tips.
Where Are the Jobs?
3/28/2014–In its 2013 Annual Report, the Atlanta Fed breaks down into simple terms the complex topic of the labor market. With its sleek charts, infographics, and videos, along with easy-to-understand language, it is an excellent tool for the economics classroom. Read more.
Introducing the New and Improved Katrina's Classroom
3/5/2014–A lot has changed since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. This article introduces the updated Katrina's Classroom curriculum.
Trends in Personal Finance
By the Numbers: Statistics, Facts, and Figures

3/5/2014–What do the numbers 6.6 and 12.7 have in common? What's financially significant about 7.2? This article explains these numbers and more.
Let Uncle Jed Help You Teach Social Studies
3/5/2014–Give your students a connection to important topics in social studies with Uncle Jed's Barbershop. This book is rich in historical and economic content. This article tells you where you can find lessons to go along with it.
Commerce on the Canvas: Discovering Economics through Art
3/5/2014–American painter Edward Hopper once said, "The whole answer is there on the canvas." This article describes how even economics can be a work of art.
Apptivity of the Month: FRED
3/5/2014–Do you need more ideas for your smartphone or mobile tablet lab? The St. Louis Fed has an app that allows you to explore vast amounts of economic data. Read more.
Quantitative Easing, Tapering, and the Road Ahead
1/21/2014–How are you going to teach your students about the Fed's decision to taper bond buying? This article suggests an article by Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart and offer discussion questions to go along with it.
Big Data: Government's Next Frontier
1/21/2014–This article helps teachers break down the data—the big data—for students. Here is a good read about ways that big data applications are making their way into our everyday lives.
St. Louis and Atlanta Feds Offer Expanded Online Learning Resources
1/21/2014–The Atlanta Fed now offers its award-winning Fed Explained animated video series through the St. Louis Fed's new Video Q&A feature. Teachers can now assign videos on relevant topics and track their progress online. Read the details in this article.
Economic Myths: The Unemployment Rate
1/21/2014–A drop in the unemployment rate is not necessarily an indication of health in the labor market. This article breaks down the numbers and dispels some of the myths around the unemployment rate.
Apptivity of the Month: Building Wealth
1/21/2014–Do you have a bring-your-own-device program or a mobile tablet lab at your school? How will you integrate these technologies into your classroom? Here's an "apptivity" to help get you started.