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The Federal Reserve

The Annual Report highlights the work of the Atlanta Fed over the past year. The online-only report contains a topical essay, dynamic charts, and videos and imagery. Viewers will also find a link to the Bank's financial statements and a list of our current directors and officers.

Federal Reserve Structure and Functions outlines the organizational structure of the Federal Reserve System and describes the Fed's major functions, including the formulation of monetary policy, bank supervision and regulation, and payments services to depository institutions and the federal government. The booklet also gives a short history of the Federal Reserve's evolution and explains the significance of central bank independence.

A History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: 1914–1989 provides a detailed review of the Bank's first 75 years. Through personal recollections and official bank records, author Richard H. Gamble recounts the Atlanta Fed's evolution in response to developments in the region, nation, and financial services industry.