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Vol. 26, No. 2,
Second Quarter 2013


Fed Gov. Raskin Addresses Capital Rules

Fed Vice Chair Yellen Discusses Banking Reform

Atlanta Fed Introduces Revamped Real Estate Blog

Fed Gov. Raskin Addresses Economy's Improvement, Challenges

Atlanta Fed Releases 2012 Annual Report

Fed Chair Discusses Supervision & Regulation

Amount of Credit Outstanding Rises in March

Fed Gov. Duke Discusses U.S. Housing Market

Loan Officer Survey Shows Credit Standards Easing

New $100 Bill Set to Debut in October

Fed Gov. Raskin Discusses Uneven Impact of Recession

Fed Vice Chair Speaks About Policymaking, Economic Recovery

Fed Survey: Mobile Payment Use Growing

Fed Chair Bernanke Discusses Policy Benefit

Fed Governor Raskin Discusses Financial Insecurity


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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated June 25, 2013
bank Fed Gov. Raskin: Regulators Should Implement Capital Rules New article
6/25/2013 - Noting that banks of all sizes need strong capital, Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin recently said that financial regulators should move quickly to implement a clear capital framework for financial institutions, particularly for community banks.
Fed Gov Raskin Banking Conditions, Loan-Loss Share Agreements Detailed in Latest "ViewPoint" New article
6/25/2013 - The second quarter edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes a look at loan-loss share agreements, recent changes to banks' call reports, and updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Fed Gov Yellen Fed Vice Chair Yellen: Progress Made, but More Work Needed on Global Reform
6/20/2013 - In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen discussed the progress made toward building a more resilient global financial system and offered her perspective on what remains to be done regarding global financial regulatory reform.
real estate research Atlanta Fed Reintroduces Real Estate Blog
6/19/2013 - The Atlanta Fed recently reintroduced Real Estate Research, a blog about housing, mortgages, and other real estate topics. It will feature posts on topics including analysis of academic research, commentary, and observations on data releases, survey results, and highlights of relevant research papers.
Fed Gov Raskin Fed Gov. Raskin: Economy Improving, but Tough Issues Remain
5/30/2013 - Despite some persistent restraints, the U.S. economic recovery seems to have gained some steam. Still, according to a recent speech by Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin, federal fiscal policy and inequality in wealth and income are among the problems that could linger.
2012 Annual Report Atlanta Fed 2012 Annual Report Explores Intersections between Monetary Policy and the Economy 5/30/2013 - The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta recently published its 2012 annual report, an interactive package of text, videos, and graphics that explores the interaction between monetary policy and the economy.
Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke Discusses Fed's Evolving Approach to Monitoring Financial System
5/28/2013 - Since the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve's approach to supervision and regulation has moved toward a more systemic approach that includes closely tracking vulnerabilities in the broad financial system, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said during a recent speech.
lending Consumer Credit Advances in March
5/28/2013 - Primarily driven by nonrevolving debt, total consumer credit outstanding rose in March, according to Federal Reserve data. The $7.9 billion increase was less than February's and was under economists' forecasts.
Fed Gov Duke Fed Gov. Duke: Housing Improving, but Credit Tight for Some Borrowers
5/22/2013 - Although the housing market's recovery appears sustained, there are ongoing reasons for concern, Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke said in a recent speech. A tight mortgage-lending market is among her concerns.
bank loans As Competition Rises, Some Banks Easing Standards for Business Loans
5/22/2013 - The Federal Reserve's most recent survey of bank senior loan officers indicates that lending policies are easing and loan demand is increasing. One of the key drivers behind the easing of standards is increasing competition among banks, the survey shows.
new $100 note New $100 Note Coming in October
4/25/2013 - A redesigned $100 note will begin circulation on October 8, 2013, the Federal Reserve Board recently announced. The new $100 note incorporates two advanced security features that offer a simple, reliable way to verify the note's authenticity.
Fed Gov. Raskin Fed Gov. Raskin: Wealth, Income Distribution a Subject Ripe for Deeper Research
4/25/2013 - Because of the Great Recession's punishing effects on lower- and middle-income households, and given the role that income and wealth inequality might have played in the financial crisis, macroeconomists should more deeply explore wealth and income distribution, Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin said in a recent speech.
Fed Vice Chair Yellen Fed Vice Chair Yellen: Guidance, Asset Purchases Supporting Recovery
4/25/2013 - Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen recently said the Fed's accommodative monetary policy actions since the financial crisis have lent meaningful support to the economic recovery, as the central bank has relied on forward guidance about the path of the federal funds rate and large-scale asset purchases.
smartphone Fed Survey Shows Growth in Mobile Banking, Payments
4/17/2013 - The Federal Reserve Board recently released its report on mobile financial services, and it showed that Americans are increasingly using their mobile phones to access bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts. The report also examined how consumers access their bank's services using mobile phones, how they pay for goods and services with mobile phones, and how they use mobile phones to inform shopping decisions.
Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke: Simultaneous Accommodative Policy Can Benefit All Nations
4/3/2013 - When the world's advanced economies simultaneously implement accommodative monetary policies, all participating nations benefit, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a recent speech in London. At the same time, emerging-market economies can benefit from heightened demand for their exports, he said.
Fed Gov Raskin Fed Gov. Raskin: Policymakers Must Address Financial Insecurity
4/3/2013 - Economic challenges facing low- and moderate-income Americans have grown in number and complexity and demand the attention of community groups, government policymakers, financial regulators, and businesses, Federal Reserve Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin said during a recent speech.