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Atlanta Fed 2012 Annual Report Explores Intersections between Monetary Policy and the Economy

2012 Annual ReportThe Atlanta Fed's 2012 annual report takes a retrospective look at the interaction between monetary policy and the economy last year. The online-only report, titled Turning Points: 7 Critical Conversations about the Economy in 2012, is fully interactive, packed with embedded videos, customizable charts and graphs, and a pop-up definitions of key information.

Through the lens of seven conversations, the main feature taps into a few of the most important ways in which monetary policy interacts with the economy. The conversation topics shown below are "a starting point from which readers can explore in greater depth key turning points that occurred in 2012 and the ways in which monetary policy worked to address the challenges that remain," said Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart.

The seven critical conversations the Atlanta Fed identified are:

  • Housing
  • Labor markets
  • Small business
  • Inflation
  • European sovereign debt
  • Fiscal policy
  • Monetary policy

"In our 2012 report, we wanted to focus on the topics that kept our economists up at night and the issues the Federal Reserve wrestled with throughout last year," said Lynne Anservitz, the Atlanta Fed's strategic publishing director. "As we talked with our research economists and our management, it became clear that after the long recession and the sputtering recovery, last year finally offered up a change in direction on most of the key issues we selected for this annual report. So we've linked these significant turning points to the conversations that took place around the Fed with regard to monetary policy and the economy," she added.

In addition to the feature, this year's report includes a series of video interviews with Atlanta Fed research economists and analysts. The videos, embedded in each section, lend a unique perspective to the conversation. Other features include dynamic graphics and animated charts and dozens of related links to more detailed information. "The report is expansive, but presented in an engaging and interactive format," Anservitz said.

In addition to the monetary policy conversation, the 2012 report also examines key topics related to the Atlanta Fed's two other core functions—bank supervision and regulation and payments services. One section details the surge in mobile payments during 2012, while another chronicles a pivotal year for southeastern banks. The annual report also features the Atlanta Fed's milestones for 2012.

May 30, 2013


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