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Atlanta Fed Reintroduces Real Estate Blog

real estate researchEarlier this month, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta reintroduced a blog about housing, mortgages, and other topics related to the real estate industry.

The Real Estate Research blog will feature weekly posts on a range of real estate–related topics drawn from Atlanta Fed conferences and speakers, analysis of academic research, commentary, and observations on data releases, survey results, and highlights of interesting research papers.

In the new Real Estate Research blog, Atlanta Fed senior economic research analyst Jessica Dill and economic policy analyst Ellyn Terry examine whether investing in housing has become a losing proposition.

Housing an economic bellwether, especially here
The housing market is an excellent bellwether for the health of the economy, Carl Hudson, director of the Atlanta Fed's Center for Real Estate Analytics, pointed out. Housing affects employment, contributes significantly to gross domestic product growth, is a major source of loan demand for banks, and influences how much people spend because of the wealth effects created by home values. For instance, one single-family housing start creates four and a half to five jobs over the course of a year, on average, Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics, said during a recent presentation at the San Francisco Fed.

"Given that real estate is more important to the Southeast's economic activity compared to that of the rest of the country, we at the Atlanta Fed like to stay on top of emerging trends in real estate in general, and in housing in particular," Hudson wrote in the introduction to the revamped Real Estate Research. Because of huge population growth in the Southeast in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, residential and commercial real estate became a major industry in the region. In restarting a blog focused on this important economic sector, Hudson continued, "we hope to foster dialogue on topical research and current issues in the fields of housing and real estate economics."

An earlier version of the Real Estate Research blog was more narrowly focused on analyzing current academic research on real estate economics.

June 19, 2013


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