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Vol. 26, No. 3,
Third Quarter 2013


Reserve Banks Seek Improved Payment System

Regulators Release Resolution-Plan Template

Federal Agencies Propose Revised Risk Retention Rule

Loan Officer Survey Shows Easing Standards

Fed to Begin Collecting New Fees from Certain Large Banks

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Asset Purchases

Bankers Urged to Work with Student Borrowers

Atlanta Fed Research Examines Smoking's Impact on Wages

Agencies Update Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios

Fed Gov. Powell: Policy Remains Data-Driven


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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated September 27, 2013
credit card Federal Reserve Banks Share Vision, Seek Feedback on U.S. Payment System New article
9/27/2013 - The Federal Reserve Banks recently identified gaps, opportunities, and desired outcomes in the U.S. payment system, and as part of its effort to improve the system, the Fed is seeking input from industry stakeholders about future improvements.
Bank supervision and regulation Banking Conditions, Capital Standards Detailed in Latest "ViewPoint" New article
9/25/2013 - The third quarter edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes a look at Dodd-Frank Act implementation, regulatory capital standards, and updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Fed Board building Fed, FDIC Issue Model Template for Resolution Plans
9/18/2013 - The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation recently released a template for tailored resolution plans that certain firms will be submitting for the first time later this year.
bank risk Agencies Revise Proposed Risk Retention Rule
8/29/2013 - The Federal Reserve and other federal agencies have issued a revised proposal requiring sponsors of securitization transactions to retain risk in those transactions. The new measure would change a proposed rule the agencies issued in 2011 to institute the risk retention requirement in the Dodd-Frank Act.
bank Fed Survey: Banks Ease Lending Standards amid Competition
8/29/2013 - U.S. banks eased their lending standards and saw stronger demand for loans in most categories during the second quarter of 2013, according to the Federal Reserve's July Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices.
Fed Board building Fed Issues Final Rule on Annual Fees
8/29/2013 - Later this year, the Fed will begin collecting annual fees from the nation's biggest banks and certain nonbank financial companies to help it carry out its supervisory and regulatory responsibilities under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: Labor Productivity a Key to Growth
8/28/2013 - When the Federal Open Market Committee decides to cut back on its large-scale asset purchases of $85 billion a month, that decision will be grounded in the performance of the nation's economy, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said during a recent speech.
bank vault Banks Encouraged to Work with Student Loan Borrowers
7/30/2013 - Federal banking regulators are encouraging lenders to work with borrowers who are having trouble repaying their private student loans. About 5 percent—or $150 billion—of total student loans are private, and the delinquency rate for such loans is about 5 percent, compared with 11.7 percent for total student loans outstanding.
workers Atlanta Fed Research Finds Smoking a Drag on Wages
7/29/2013 - The impact of cigarette smoking on health is well known, but what are the effects of smoking on a person's wages? New Atlanta Fed research takes a look at how even modest cigarette consumption can have a significant impact on income—and not always for the reasons you would expect.
bank Fed, Other Agencies Update Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios
7/15/2013 - Section 109 of the Interstate Act prohibits banks from having branches in other states primarily for the purpose of deposit production. The new ratios will help the agencies test for compliance. This article explains.
Fed Gov Powell Fed Gov. Powell: Monetary Policy Remains Data-Dependent
7/11/2013 - Now that the financial crisis has receded and the economy is gradually recovering, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell recently addressed the evidence of the effectiveness of the Fed's large-scale asset purchases, noting that they prevented more severe economic damage.