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Vol. 26, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2013


Regulators Issue Part of the "Volcker Rule"

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Policy Moves

Fed Issues Guidance on Service Providers

Atlanta Fed Research Examines Policy's Effect on Prices

Fed Chair Bernanke Discusses Transparency

Atlanta Fed President Addresses Policy Moves

Fed Chair Bernanke Speaks on Economic Parallels

Rule Proposed to Strengthen Some Banks' Liquidity Positions

Regulators Provide Mortgage Rule Guidance

Regulators Propose Diversity Standards

Fed Gov. Stein Addresses Regulation Challenges

Regulators Address Shutdown's Impact on Borrowers


EconBrief New article

ViewPoint New article

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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated December 30, 2013
bank Interest Rate Risk, Commercial and Industrial Loans Detailed in Latest "ViewPoint" New article
12/30/2013 - The fourth quarter edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes a look at interest rate risk in a changing economic environment, cash flow trends in commercial and industrial lending, and updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Fed Board building Federal Regulators Issue Final "Volcker Rule" New article
12/23/2013 - The Federal Reserve and other financial regulators recently issued a final rule implementing part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Commonly called the "Volcker Rule," the regulation prohibits insured depository institutions and their affiliates from proprietary trading and from owning and sponsoring hedge funds or private equity funds.
Atlanta Fed Chair Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: Tapering Decision "On the Table" New article
12/19/2013 - The Federal Reserve's policymaking body, the Federal Open Market Committee, could soon consider whether to taper its bond-buying program intended to stimulate the economy, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech.
Fed Board building Fed's Board of Governors Issues Guidance on Service Providers New article
12/19/2013 - The Federal Reserve Board on December 5 officially reminded Fed-supervised financial institutions to exercise appropriate risk management and oversight when using service providers. The guidance describes factors institutions should consider when choosing a service provider and how institutions should oversee service providers.
southeast Regional Economic Snapshot: Stronger Data but Weaker Optimism
12/10/2013 - The debut of Financial Update's "EconBrief" includes a discussion of recent regional economic activity, along with summaries of indicators that provide an overview of the economy in 2013 and what the data augur for 2014.
monetary policy New Atlanta Fed Research Explores Links between Fed Policy, Commodity Prices
11/25/2013 - New research from the Atlanta Fed finds that unexpected changes in the Fed's monetary policy can influence commodity prices. Unexpected increases in the fed funds rate can push prices for gold and platinum higher, researchers found. Conversely, unanticipated cuts to the policy rate increased prices for crude and heating oil.
Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke: Communication an Important Policy Tool
11/25/2013 - In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that open communication and transparency have become essential elements of Federal Reserve policy making, and he noted that its approach is unlikely to change.
Atlanta Fed Pres. Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: Accommodative Policy Needed "For Quite Some Time"
11/25/2013 - Although the economy and labor market have improved, the Fed's monetary policy stimulus is still needed for quite some time, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart recently said in a speech. Although the mix of policy tools may evolve, the fundamental policy will remain constant.
Fed Chief Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke: History Might Not Repeat, but It Comes Close
11/20/2013 - Seeing the recent financial crisis in an historical context helped to shape the responses of the Federal Reserve and other central banks, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently said. Bernanke—a noted student of economic history—drew parallels between the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the Panic of 1907, which helped trigger a recession and led to the founding several years later of the Federal Reserve.
Fed Reserve building Federal Reserve Board Proposes Liquidity Standards for Large Banks
10/30/2013 - The Federal Reserve Board recently proposed a new rule aimed at improving the liquidity position of large financial institutions. The rule would apply to large, internationally active banking organizations and to systemically important, nonbank financial firms.
mortgage application Federal Regulators Provide Guidance on New Mortgage Rules
10/29/2013 - Federal regulators recently said they do not expect that a lender's decision to offer only qualified mortgages—those generally without the risk that contributed to the mortgage crisis—would expose them to fair lending risk under a rule to take effect early next year.
co-workers Financial Regulators Propose Diversity Standards
10/29/2013 - In a move intended to encourage transparency and awareness of diversity policies and practices in financial institutions, the Federal Reserve and five other federal financial regulatory agencies are proposing joint standards for assessing those policies and practices.
Fed Gov Stein Fed Gov. Stein Explores Regulation, Conflicts between Public and Firm Interests
10/24/2013 - Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy C. Stein recently addressed the debate about how policymakers should approach financial imbalances that can be behind financial market distress. The debate on trying to prevent imbalances versus focusing on the postcrisis cleanup is robust and ongoing.
credit card Regulators Encourage Institutions to Work with Borrowers Affected by Government Shutdown
10/18/2013 - A number of federal regulatory agencies recently released a statement encouraging financial institutions to work with customers who have been affected by the partial federal government shutdown, noting that some affected borrowers may have temporary trouble making payments on debts such as mortgages, student loans, car loans, and credit cards.