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Vol. 27, No. 1,
First Quarter 2014


ViewPoint Examines Housing Market, Banking Conditions

Atlanta Fed Publishes 2013 Annual Report

Fed Clarifies Stress Test Guidance

Atlanta Fed Economist Examines Financial Innovation

Fed Gov. Tarullo Discusses Policy, Financial Stability

Fed to Issue New Banking Report

Fed Releases New Bank Loan Officer Survey

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Economy in 2014

Reserve Banks Transfer Money to U.S. Treasury

Janet Yellen Becomes Federal Reserve Chair

Atlanta Fed's Lockhart Sees U.S. Economy Firming in 2014

Fed Governor Stein Addresses Traditional Banking's Strengths

Fed Seeks Comments on Newly Proposed Limits

Fed Chair Bernanke Looks Back at His Tenure

Yellen Confirmed as Next Fed Chair

New Payments Study


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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated March 25, 2014
house made of puzzle pieces Housing Market, Trust Preferred Securities Detailed in Latest "ViewPoint" New article
3/25/2014 - The first quarter edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes a look at challenges remaining for the housing recovery, developments in trust preferred securities, and updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Atlanta Fed Annual Report Atlanta Fed Report Examines Critical Question: Where Are the Jobs?
3/21/2014 - The Atlanta Fed recently published its 2013 annual report and features a sleek design, crisp video, and engaging interactive graphics. The report is an accessible yet substantial exploration of one of the most pressing economic issues of the day: Where Are the Jobs?
Federal Reserve Agencies Issue Final Stress Test Guidance for Medium-Sized Firms
3/13/2014 - The Federal Reserve Board and two other federal bank regulatory agencies have issued final rules on how companies with total consolidated assets between $10 billion and $50 billion should conduct stress tests. The clarifications are a response to comments received.
binary code and padlocks Technology, Regulation Likely to Spur More Financial Innovation
3/12/2014 - After taking a backseat to financial stability concerns since the financial crisis, financial innovation could be poised for renewed prominence. To better understand how future innovation might unfold, an Atlanta Fed economist recently examined two major sources of past innovation in banking services: regulation and technology.
Fed Gov Tarullo Fed Gov. Tarullo: Monetary Policy Still an Option for Addressing Financial Stability New article
3/11/2014 - The Federal Reserve has several policy instruments at its disposal to address systemic risks to the financial system, Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo said in a recent speech in which he discussed the relationship between financial stability and monetary policy.
Board building Fed to Release More Information about Banking Applications
2/25/2014 - Later this year, the Federal Reserve Board will begin publishing a semiannual report with information about banking applications it receives. It will include statistics such as the number of approvals and denials of applications it issues.
banker signing a loan Fed Survey Reports Easier Lending Policies in Late 2013
2/19/2014 - Banks eased their lending policies and saw stronger demands for most types of business and consumer loans in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the Fed's recent Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey. A modest net share of banks reported easing their standards on commercial and industrial loans to large and middle-market firms.
Atlanta Fed Chief Lockhart Lockhart: 2014 Likely a Transitional Year for Fed, Economy
2/12/2014 - This should be a year of transition for the U.S. economy and for Federal Reserve policy, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said during a recent speech. If the economy stays on track, he added, 2014 could also bring an end to the Federal Open Market Committee's large-scale asset purchases.
Treasury building Reserve Banks Return Nearly $78 Billion to U.S. Treasury
2/7/2014 - In 2013, the Federal Reserve System transferred $77.7 billion to the U.S. Treasury. This revenue represents most of the Reserve Banks' net income and came from a number of sources.
Fed Chair Yellen Janet Yellen Becomes Federal Reserve Chair
2/3/2014 - Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet L. Yellen assumed the role of chair on February 1, succeeding Ben Bernanke, whose term began in February 2006. Yellen, the first woman to chair the Board of Governors, was appointed to a four-year term as Fed chair by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 6.
Atlanta Fed Chief Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: Economy on Better Footing at Dawn of 2014
1/28/2014 - The United States is on firmer economic ground at the beginning of 2014 than it was on a year ago, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said during a recent speech. He added that he doesn't expect changes in basic policy direction once Janet Yellen is inaugurated as Fed chair next month.
Fed Gov Stein Fed Gov. Stein: Shadow Banks More Vulnerable to Runs, Fire Sales
1/23/2014 - Traditional banks and their shadow banking counterparts both create private money, but they go about it in different ways, Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein said in a recent speech. He noted the areas where the traditional banking model offers advantages, including investing in assets that are illiquid and subject to price volatility.
Fed Board building Fed Proposes Limits to Emergency Lending Authority
1/15/2014 - The Federal Reserve Board recently proposed changes to its emergency lending authority. The changes are required by the Dodd-Frank Act, and the proposed rule would place additional limits on the Fed's emergency lending authority.
Fed Chair Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke Reflects on His Eventful Fed Tenure
1/13/2014 - On the eve of stepping down as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Ben Bernanke gave a speech looking back at the central bank's recent history. Bernanke focused on three topics: the Fed's commitment to transparency and accountability, financial stability and financial reform, and monetary policy.
new Fed Chair Janet Yellen Senate Confirms Yellen as Next Fed Chair
1/9/2014 - The U.S. Senate on January 6 confirmed Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Currently the vice chair, Yellen is scheduled to assume the duties of chair on February 1. She will succeed Ben Bernanke, chairman since February 2006. Yellen will be the first woman to chair the Board of Governors.
credit card 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study Charts Changing Methods
1/7/2014 - The Federal Reserve's payments study, conducted every three years, shows that card payments—credit and debit—account for more than two-thirds of all noncash payments, and the number of checks paid continued to decline.